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The danger of malware

There was an article in the NY Times some time ago that covered a recent government takedown of some of the people who spread viruses and malware onto our PC's. By malware, I mean anything that is meant to cause some kind of problem or malady ( the "mal" in malware) in our PC's.

Some may think of viruses as just a passing nuisance, a temporary cold our PC's get that cause you some annoying slow downs and assorted problems. This could not be further from the truth. As the article relates, there are some malware creators who have some truly criminal intentions, and these should not be ignored. They are serious enough that both the government investigators and Microsoft worked together on halting the operation in its tracks - but not before an estimated $100 million was stolen from users.

So how do they do it? How do these virus writers create specialized programs that end up costing us all? Malware steals our private information. This information includes credit card numbers, online account user names and passwords, and even emails. Taking advantage of all of these sources, they are able to take control of your life sometimes without you even knowing it.

When a virus infects your PC, it can open up your entire computer to foreign invasion by like-minded malware. Root-kits, viruses, spyware, key loggers, trojans (named after the famous Trojan Horse in Virgils epic poem The Aeneid) all line up to enter your PC do as they want. Some types of malware are written by very clever programmers who want to see how much they can outsmart you. Yet other types want to enrich their creators with ill gotten gains. A dollar may not seem like much coming from one infected users bank account -- just imagine how many dollars are gained from infecting millions of PC's.

Anything you type on your keyboard, including passwords and user names, anywhere you browse is all traceable and repeatable information that is sent back to foreign servers for later exploitation. I personally experienced this loss two years ago when my credit card was charged for two $1,500 transactions by a fictitious tractor company in Florida. The thought of KoolGeeks purchasing tractor goods is laughable, but the outcome was serious. My bank suffered the financial loss and had to divert resources to apprehending the criminals. In this case, we all lose. I traced it to a web site that had somehow been infiltrated by a trojan

KoolGeeks is committed to combating malware with an unrelenting series of virus scans and disruption routines that takes out and neuters the power of this threat. We offer all levels of response including a clean formatting of your hard drive (in the case of severe rootkit infection). Let our Virus & Spyware Clean-up service get your PC back up and running, and return you back to the peace of mind you had when your Internet browsing was safe and secure.