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Services for Business

Our Business services cover areas most important to keeping your networks and workstations running efficiently now, and into the future.

To help you find the KoolGeeks service that best meets your small business needs, we have found it useful to divide the managing of small business networks into 4 different phases.

Read more about each phase below or select a product to the left.

Purchase/Build — You are building up your network infrastructure

  • You want to buy a new workstation, printer or other piece of office equipment
  • You want to get a wireless or wired network setup
  • You want to purchase and install new software (e.g. a business grade anti-virus solution)
  • You want to teach your employees more about PCs or software

Security — Once bought, you should secure your purchase

  • You want to protect your network from viruses or spyware before they strike
  • You want to monitor what your employees are doing online
  • You want to protect your workstations or servers from heat or electrical damage
  • You want to back-up and safeguard your businesses intellectual property

Maintenance — Like your car, your servers and workstations need regular maintenance

  • One of your workstations or servers is running slowly and is impacting the productivity of your staff
  • One of your workstations or servers is brand new and you want to optimize it so that it keeps running in tip-top condition
  • You think a virus or malware has penetrated your network and you want it removed before any damage is done
  • You want a dependable IT service to maintain your networks on a yearly basis

Troubleshooting — No matter how well prepared your business is, things WILL go wrong

  • Your network seems slow
  • A workstation or server won't boot up
  • A workstation is very slow, or it keeps crashing
  • Your email isn't working
  • Your office equipment isn't working