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Recover your Data

Your file server has crashed and along with it is thousands of hours worth of employee data. You have no back-up so what do you do? KoolGeeks can use some state of the art software to attempt to recover your data. If we aren't successful, we can put you in touch with Ontrack®, the world leader in hard drive recovery (and a KoolGeek partner).

  • Quick 24 hr turnaround for disk analysis and recommendations
  • Recovered items will be copied to your choice of storage medium (extra charges may apply)
  • Automatic scheduling of 2 extremely important scanners to keep your workstation running in optimal shape
  • Compare our prices to other digital recovery experts...we are hundreds of dollars cheaper!
  • Users should shut off affected computers immediately, and are advised to not attempt any work on the hard drive.
  • Price reflects minimum charge. Final charge will reflect condition of drive and length of time to recover.