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Services for Home

Based on our extensive experience, and to help you choose which service you need, we have divided PC ownership into 4 phases.

Read more about each phase below or select a product to the left.

Purchase/Build — You are building up your PC or network

  • You want to buy a new PC, printer or office equipment
  • You want to setup a wireless or wired network
  • You want to buy and install new software
  • You want to learn more about PCs and software

Security — Once bought, you should secure your purchase

  • You want to protect your PC from viruses or spyware before they strike
  • You want to monitor what your children or teens are doing online
  • You want to protect your computer from heat or electrical damage
  • You want to back-up and safeguard your digital photos, digital music or personal records

Maintenance — Like your car, your PC needs regular maintenance

  • Your PC is running slowly and you want it fixed
  • Your PC is new and you want to keep it in top running condition
  • You think you have caught a virus and want it removed
  • You want to have us maintain your PC(s) on a yearly basis

Troubleshooting — No matter how well prepared your business is, things WILL go wrong

  • Your wireless network isn’t working and you can't access the Internet
  • Your PC won't boot up
  • Your PC keeps crashing
  • Your email isn't working
  • Your office equipment isn't working properly