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Remote login vs on-site servicing

There are 2 different ways we can service your PC/network when the service you have chosen requires it: Remote login or an On-site service.

Remote login

Although we enjoy/prefer interacting live with our customers, there are times that it is most convenient to have KoolGeeks perform a Remote Login (not all services are eligible). This means that we install some specialized software on your PC(s) that allows us to control your PC as if we were sitting right there in your home at your keyboard. When we move the mouse, you see the cursor move. Similarly, you can move the mouse, and we wil see the same movement.

Who benefits

Users who are very busy and aren't available to meet our technicians in the day time or evenings will benefit the most from our convenient service. Some clients of ours also prefer to work on their PC's when they arrive home at night. In these cases, KoolGeeks is able to log into their systems late at night and perform diagnostics/repairs at the clients convenience.

On-site services

One of the greatest strengths (and most popular attributes) of our technicians is how easily they interact with our clients. They have been trained and specially selected to be KoolGeek team members based on how comfortable they are with explaining difficult and technical subjects. Certain clients of ours prefer a face-to-face interaction with these friendly technicians. In this way, they can interact with her/him and establish a strong rapport. They also find that they can ask a variety of questions in such settings, benefitting both the client and KoolGeeks.

Because we take pride in doing a job properly, we will limit our on-site services to 1 hour. During this hour, we will perform a few tests, gather some information and install a Remote Login application on the users PC. To impact your day as little as possible, we will reserve the bulk of our work to night time operations (or to a time that is arranged with the user). During this time, we will perform an extensive and exhaustive set of tweaks, modifications and operations on your PC.

Who benefits

Clients who work from home or are stay-at-home moms/dads will benefit from our On-site service. Also, clients who prefer to "see" the value they are getting may benefit from understanding what goes into IT services.

Please note that while we may offer the more economical Remote login service, there are times when an On-site visit is mandatory.